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Videos from Edwin


The Gospel Unveiled Series

Diving into topics such as Sharing christ, The Problem Of Sin, and The Self-improvement Gospel. Expect to grow your knowledge in Christ.

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A Christian Response to Culture Series

Christianity has been influenced and confronted by various aspects of western culture through history. This has had both positive and negative impacts.


Holy Spirit Series

The Spirit of God is at work in the land. We are in a pivotal point in the history of mankind, not just geopolitically but also in the spirit realm.


Heaven Series

Are you experiencing fear or pain?

We live in a world filled with pain. Violence is increasing, and so is fear. Where is God?

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On Mission Series

We have good news to take to the world. 

Life has a way of throwing some pretty heavy stuff our way. There is hope!


Encountering the Divine

Weekly Devotionals 

Click below to watch episodes of Encountering the Divine

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Click below to watch episodes of the study on 1 Timothy

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